in honor of Alexander Chudnovsky's 75th birthday

Symposium on Fracture and Lifetime of Materials


Alexander Chudnovsky is presently UIC Distinguished Professor Emeritus and Director of  Fracture Mechanics & Materials Durability Laboratory at Civil and Materials Engineering Department of The University of Illinois at Chicago. He has worked at UIC since 1987. Professor Chudnovsky received his education in the former Soviet Union: M.S. degree in Civil Engineering in 1962 and Ph.D. in Technical Sciences (applied mathematics) in 1966. From 1980 until 1987 he was Professor of Civil Engineering and Macromolecular Science Departments at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH. Professor Chudnovsky is widely recognized for his novel contributions to experimental and theoretical developments of Fracture Mechanics, Materials Durability and accelerated testing for lifetime of engineering structures.